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      Depending on what you have left over.. and what you have ‘left’ in your pantry
      you can make a very yummy NEW meal.

      Layered Taco.
      You can serve this with chips.. or with soft shells. They can eat it like a

      In a 8 by 8 or a 9 by 13

      You start by making layers…

      First layer
      Your first layer is a bean dip. Easily made by combing your leftover pinto
      bean mixture or.. creating new.

      By mixing one can of refried beans and half a
      can of water. Simmer til warm. You may also add a can of whole pinto beans to
      add texture.

      I also add another layer later of just reg pinto beans. (towards
      the top)

      second layer
      is your left over taco meat mixture.

      third layer
      is cheese. You can also used Campbells canned Nacho cheese. Make sure you
      warm it up first. Otherwise it is hard to distribute in the dish.

      forth layer
      add your leftover veggies. onions, green peppers, pinto beans (whole), etc.

      fith layer
      you may add shredded cheese here if you like.

      Put in the oven at 350* for 40 minutes. You can garnish this with shredded
      lettuce. Some people prefer the onions, green peppers, etc to be added after.

      Also makes for a wonderful late snack. :o) Great for a bunch of kids.. party

      This was always a favorite dish with my family.

      Yummies to ALL!

      From: “Krista”
      Date: Tue Jul 23, 2002 7:20 am
      Subject: What to do with left over taco fixings…

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