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      Here is all you need for this camp meal for kids:

      • small bags Dorito chips, (2.5 – 3.5oz.), one per camper*
      • 1/2 cup cooked and Taco-seasoned hamburger per camper
      • shredded/chopped lettuce
      • shredded cheddar or Mexican-mix cheese
      • diced onions
      • diced tomatoes
      • mild or medium salsa or taco sauce
      • plastic forks or spoons

      The basic steps for the Adults:

      1. The taco seasoned hamburger can be used cold, but it tastes better warmed – so just use a skillet to heat it up a little.
      2. Place all ingredients on the camp table in bulk containers or on plates. Spoons can be used for all ingredients, but for portion control – a 1/2 cup measuring cup works best for the hamburger mix.
      3. The chip bags should be opened by pulling apart the top seam, (leaves extra folding room), so if your camping kids are young you might want to pre-open the bags for them
      4. Instruct the kids to put 1/2 cup hamburger mix, and whatever other ingredients they want, into their bag of chips.

      The basic recipe steps for the Kids:

      1. Add the ingredients they want
      2. Fold the top of the bag closed and scrunch and shake the bag to mix everything up
      3. That’s it! Open the bag, grab a fork or spoon, and dig in
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