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      1 lb lean ground beef or turkey
      1 onion, chopped
      1 pkg taco seasonings
      1 pkg dry Ranch seasonings
      2 large cans diced tomatoes, undrained
      1 can Rotel tomatoes, undrained
      1 can black beans
      1 can pinto beans
      1 can whole kernel corn

      Brown meat and onion. Drain. Add seasonings. Drain beans and corn. Add to meat along with tomatoes. Simmer until well blended and hot. Eat and enjoy.
      Add a bit of grated cheese or sour cream and this simple soup is perfect for cold nights

      This is what we had for dinner tonight 🙂

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      this is pretty close to my emergency food storage recipe for 7 can taco soup except it doesn’t have meat in it.

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      This sounds yummy & easy! Thanks! 🙂

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      Janice Terrell

      This sounds so good. Would also like to have brchbells recipe for 7 can taco soup for when I don’t have meat on hand.

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      Me too brchbell…..you have that recipe?

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      7 Can Taco Soup

      2 cans diced tomatoes with green peppers & onions
      1 can Rotel Tomatoes
      1 can corn
      1 can red beans
      1 can pinto beans
      1 can black beans
      1 teaspoon onion Powder
      1 pkg. Powdered Ranch dressing mix
      1 pkg powdered taco mix

      Mix all together in a heavy pan. DO NOT DRAIN! cook until hot. Stir occasionally to make sure it is not sticking. Serve with tortilla Chips. No meat-No fat.

      We prefer this as a snack over regular nacho cheese stuff! I usually toss it all in the crock pot on low and let it heat up there for dinner.

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      Janice Terrell

      This sounds good and really easy. It’s stuff I usually have on hand. Thanks so much. The crock pot is a really handy idea. Nothing like having it ready when you are instead of the other way round.

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      Using the crockpot is great aint it!!!

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      Great recipes to have. I have most of these ingred too. I copied both to have on hand for that quick meal we have once in awhile. Sometimes life can get to busy, it’s nice to have fast meals like this, and I usually have most of this on handy anyway.

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      Both of these recipes sound good. I’ve never had this type of soup before. Quick and easy is awesome too. I’ve added them to my favorites, to try.. With such cold weather here this would be really good today..

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      Margaret K

      You could substitute chopped chicken, sausage or chorizo. The chorizo is really good. I will post a recipe for ‘No-Guilt Chorizo.’

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      I got some chorizo one sale last week!!! I didnt think about that!! Excellent idea!!

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