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      I sort of tweaked it a little to allow for my hubby, but we love it and have it as often as possible (there was a time when we did it weekly)

      1 lb ground beef
      one taco dinner kit
      1 pk cherry tomatoes
      1 onion chopped
      salad greens
      taco sauce
      1-2 tbsp ranch dressing
      1 pk taco cheese mixture (shredded)

      prepare the beef according to the taco dinner kit directions. Baking the shells at the same time. When meat is almost done, add the ranch dressing.

      In the mean time, shred the greens in a big bowl. add onion, cherry tomatoes, salsa to taste and cheese mixture. crush the shells add to bowl.

      then pour the meat over it toss and serve. i use the taco sauce as a condiment. ryan likes a little more spice, so we add it to individual bowls.

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      You should try the “my fresh salsa recipe” from shellybean40.
      You can regulate the spice and it makes a ton. Saves a few bucks from buying the jar at the store.

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      I will look it up when I get finished with putting recipes on here

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