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      When I lived in southern California I only ran the pump 6 hours a day
      and eve at that the pool man said we could drop it back to 3 hrs/day.
      We add very little chemicals BUT seldom used the pool. When we moved
      into the house the huge pool was green 🙁 after many weeks and tossing
      money to the pool man, also emptied and refilled the pool the bottom line
      in make sure your understand how your pool filter works, that was the key
      to the whole pain-in-the-neck.

      On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 12:14 PM, Tressa Watts <TressaPSGT@hotmail.com> wrote:

      I am dreading pool season coming up soon. Not only do the chemical costs kill my budget but also the electricity to run it 24 hours a day.
      I have a seperate electricity bill from my shop which included my irrigation pump for underground sprinklers and swimming pool pump. My bill is generally $8a month for electricity for the shop through the winter..(base rate) but come summer we are running at around $100 a month for electricity just for the shop.

      Chemicals are even worse…

      My questions are…does anybody that has a large inground pool shut off the pump at night? And if so does it then cost more in chemicals? Any help on saving on chemicals also?

      Thanx in advance!

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