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      I just wanted to pass along something I learned Thursday. My 5 year old has
      titanium tubes in her ear and she is currently enrolled in swimming classes.
      I had forgotten to put her ear plugs in so when we got home, I took some
      alcohol and dipped a cotton ball in it and squeezed 2 drops in her ear. She
      started screaming in pain!

      I called her ent doctor and he told me to never
      put alcohol regardless if i mix it with vinegar in her ears when she has the
      tubes in because it burns. i caused her sever pain which i felt horrible
      about. i just wanted to share this with you because i got the idea of doing
      this from a previous post where the doctor told someone else to do this.

      is important that you ask your doctor what is best for your situation,
      because obviously what is prescribed for one patient is not what is best for
      another. maybe this message will help another parent not make the same
      mistake i did.


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