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      So last week I asked a question about the swiffer and
      if I can use something other than the disposable towel
      things that come with it. SOmeone said that I can use
      a baby diaper. A few days ago I finally opened the
      swiffer and used it, I guess the disposable cloths you
      use with it are electro or static electric or
      something so they attract the dust and sand etc. But
      after using it I had a small pile of larger particles
      that I had to sweep up with my dust pan. So Im
      wondering what is the point of a swiffer, is it just
      because a normal broom will not pick up the super tiny
      stuff?? For some reason I thought it would make my
      cleaning a little easier. I also thought that the
      disposable towels that you buy for them were just
      paper towels, but they’re not, so how is it any
      better. Also you can buy Swiffer wets to mop but if
      there is no small scrubbie on the mop how is it any
      better than a regular rectangular mop? Maybe Im just
      not clear on the benefits of a swiffer vs a mop. Kathy


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