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      i use a broom and sweep my hard wood floors first. then i take a bucket

      and with hot steaming hot water put murphys oil soap in it and mop all

      the floors. i have no carpet. then take a towel and dri the floors by

      foot or hand but compleatly dry. then wait a hour and if i walk bear

      foot and it feels not clean to the bottom of my feet i repeat but i

      have only had to do this a few times. (after people walked on the

      floor with muddy work boots). and then if i see any spots in the

      wood that look like a different color i take a cloth and rub mineral

      oil into that spot to keep the wood healthy.

      yes very old fashoned way, but this is the house my great grandmother

      lived in and thats what she did too. so 5 generations have lived in

      this house now because my daughter is #5. sweet now thats recycleing.


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      > How do ya’ll  clean hardwood floors?

      > thanks,

      > Glenda in FL

      > Swiffer Wet Refills or Clorox Mopping Pads?

      > Posted by: “Jennifer Kittell” jen@…   homesteadwannbe

      > Wed Aug 6, 2008 4:32 am (PDT)

      > Yeah, I just us an old hand towel and stick it in the washer when I’m



      > Jennifer Kittell


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