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      Can someone tell me how to get the top off of the swiffer solution

      bottle so that I may refill it? It won’t come off & I’m afraid to

      break it. Also, any suggestions on what to put in it that won’t clog




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      You have to force it off, it shouldn’t break. Once you get it off you have to clip the edges away that prevent you from resealing it. I used nail clippers to get them off, now I can remove the cap, fill it with whatever I like, and reseal it.

      I usually just but in regular floor cleaner, or whatever I have lying around really. No issues yet.

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      I us a pair water pump pliers to twist the top off. After that I have no problem screwing the cap back on and removing it for the next refill. I found a no rinse floor cleaner concentrate, at Sam’s club, 1 gal that makes 64 gals.

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