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      > on 6/30/07 11:00 AM, BOBBI at babsaroo@… wrote:


      > > Anyone know how to make homemade swiffer for cleaning floors and



      > Back in the old days we used to spray dust mops with kerosene.

      Today I

      > would suggest professional dust mop treatment and a wedgie style

      dust mop

      > like your grandmother used to use.


      > Don C


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      > He who believes himself spiritual proves he is not.


      a regular-sized washcloth in place of the cleaning pad, and it worked

      wonderfully! I use an all-cotton wash cloth, and I dampen it with tap

      water before putting it on the mop (so it doesn’t need to soak up so

      much cleaner right at first). After I’m done mopping, I rinse out the

      cloth, hang it somewhere to dry, and launder it with my

      whites/dishrags/etc. And if I want to get a clean cloth halfway

      through mopping… I can! Because they’re “free”!

      The owners manual said (of course) that one MUST use their cleaning

      solution, but I decided it was well-worth a try at making my own. So,

      I took some floor cleaner* and water and re-filled the bottle of

      cleaner. It worked just as well as their “special” cleaner, and is so

      much cheaper. I used my own cleaning solution in my mop for over 4

      years, and then the handle of the mop broke (i.e. the cleaner I was

      using in it didn’t ruin it)! 🙂

      Kelly in IL

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