sweet smelling laundry

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      If it’s mixed in with the vinegar, it shouldn’t, but keep in mind that

      those oils are a very strong concetrate, and they can be an irritant to

      people with sensitive skin. Use them with caution, and never go with

      anything not approved for bath items. for instance, some places sell

      oils made only for scenting things like potpourrie. never get those.

      they are not ok for your skin, hence why they are not marketted as

      additives to bath items.

      check the soap making section of a local hobby shop or craft shop. the

      scented items back there are better for the skin, and are less

      concentrated. if you use the vinegar in a downy ball, put 1 drop in the

      downy ball the first few times. If you don’t notice much of a scent,

      try two, but be cautious on adding too much.

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      > I thought of using a drop of scented oils or essential oil but will

      it do you think it will stain the clothing?



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