Sweet Potato Whip

Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Whip

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      PureedSweet Potatoes or winter Squash

      Serves 6

      6 large sweetpotatoes or 2 large winter squash such as butternut or acorn
      1/4cup heavy cream, scalded (canned coconut milk works great if you want to avoid dairy)
      2 or 3 Tablespoon dry sherry or to yourpersonal taste
      3 to 8 tablespoons butter or to yourtaste
      Scalded milk as needed

      Bake thesweet Potatoes or winter squash in a preheated 375 to 400 degree ovenuntil tender about 1 hour to 1 hr, 15 minutes. Place cream in a foodprocessor or blender with the sherry and butter.scoop out the meat of the vegetablesand add to food processor or blender. process together until mixtureis smooth.

      season with salt and pepper. if too stiff add in a fewtablespoons hot milk as needed. if to soft reduce over a gentle heatuntil thickened.

      i make it early in the day and leave it in acrockpot on the keep warm setting. my familymuch prefers this to candied yams and we grow so many winter squashso we use this a lot during the winter months. you can also usecanned yams for this recipe.

      i use my own canned squash and thenleave on low in the crockpot to warm it up.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Whip