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      When my family is in a pinch, and wanting something filling, I turn to this throw together:

      Wolf brand chili (in a can) $1.00
      Bar S hot dogs $0.97
      Deluxe Mac N Cheese ( I get it from save a lot) $1.29

      I buy the ingredients from Walmart and Save a lot.

      Cook the pasta according to the package directions. When you drain the pasta add the sliced up hot dogs and can of chili to the cheese, stir til combined, simmer until hot dogs are hot.

      We love this because it’s super cheap and filling. For $3.26, we can feed our family a good filling meal for lunch or dinner. When we have extra mouths to feed, I add another can of Chili and box of Mac to this and we still come out right around $5.

      This is a recipe you could serve as is or add in fixings that you like when the money allows such as sour cream and onions. I like adding my own home made crackers to the table when I’m serving this!

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      sounds like akeeper! do you make the macand chhese with milk? have you tried soy milk?

      i got a lactose allergy som.

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      I buy the knock off of the velveta mac n cheese, so the packet already has the milk in it. We have used almond milk and soy milk in the past, not our favorite, not to mention I can get twice as much cows milk as i can almond milk here. so we tend to default to what’s more affordable.

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