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      So.. while I was out the other day I saw that our local store was LOADED with laundry detergent making supplies and I know that many of you have a difficult time finding detergent locally. So I thought I’d stock up and buy enough stuff to make 20 Super Laundry Sauce kits- each with enough ingredients to make detergent for 1 full year. (Assuming you do 384 loads of laundry or less per year). For some, it might even be 2 years worth!

      We’ll be issuing various challenges over the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes out and be ready to respond if you’d like a chance to win!

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      A lot of people have come to this site for this laundry recipe (and Challenges), so this sounds like a great prize for challenges! Thanks; Virginia

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      I was just notified via PM that I won one of these! I am so excited, I couldn’t find the ingredients to make this!! Thank you so very much Budget101!

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      Congratulations! Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, HerbalStore! Good to have you here.

      Enjoy! Any questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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      I am on my third batch of laundry soap this year. I have 5 people to do laundry for, I have lots of laundry. the first 2 batches I kept telling my hubby this smells familiar.

      I couldn’t place it until I made this last batch. when I did the final stir, I KNEW what it was. it was the same smell that my grandma use to make.

      however, she put lye in her soap. I wont do that because I value my lungs and I am not so sure I want to make my soap in my fire pit. needless to say grandma’s recipe was very tried and true, she used it when she was starting a family.

      she actually used it up until she passed in 1990 at 97. i still have one of her bars. I didn’t keep it covered so it is really dirty.

      I use it to rub on stains that wont come out using any other method. I think my older aunts know her recipe, I don’t think mom does, she was a younger girl. I need to remember to talk to my aunts before they pass to see if anyone knows the soap recipe.

      sorry i’m rambling, but I was so excited to match the smell of the soap with the soap.

      🙂 I figure if they smell the same, then they are the same, right?(except for the lye)

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      I have found my “drug” of choice!! Making and using this soap!! I am telling everyone about it and can’t keep quiet about it.

      Yes the smell is so nice. It isn’t a perfume smell, just like when you hang you clothes to dry in the sun smell. My husband and I are Martial Arts teachers and our uniforms get real sweaty and stinky.

      Other really expensive brands never made our clothes smell good. This DOES! I have made 4 batches this past 2 weeks and am “biting at the bit” to make more.

      All I can say is thank you for this recipe!

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      I have to run to the store today and am going to check on the ZOTE situation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, but then I wasn’t looking for it. Also, does anyone use bluing and do they even make it anymore?

      Used to really whiten your whites and brighten your colors.

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      Wish I would have won this. Could have put it to good use

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      Kroger sells “Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing.

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      I love your story about the homemade laundry soap. It is so comforting when a familiar fragrance finds us! Like being with those we love again!

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      Just wondering if all of the kits have been given away yet? I’ve been interested in making my own laundry soap but can’t find many of the ingredients in stores near me.

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      I have all my ingredients and ready to start tomorrow!!! Been waiting a long time to try this

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      I received my Laundry Sauce Kit today! thank you so very much, i love this site and can’t wait to make mine this weekend!! you girls rock!!!!

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      Im a newbie. where do I find the recipe for the Laundry soap?

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      I have 2 different methods for removing blood stains from clothes. The first is to scrub Dawn dish soap on it, then let it soak in water. The other is to use the Super Laundry Sauce!

      A few weeks ago my dog hurt her paw. I placed her on a towel to bandage the paw. Unfortunately, the towel didn’t get washed for a few days.

      I threw it in the washer with a tbsp of the laundry sauce and after just a regular wash cycle, all of the blood was gone! I have never had success like that with store bought laundry soap.

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      I decided several months ago to give it a shot on your super laundry sauce, best decision I have ever made. I love it, my fiance loves it and my friends who have tried it love it. I am soooo glad I saw the recipe posted on facebook.

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      nic10;426678 wrote:
      Im a newbie. where do I find the recipe for the Laundry soap?

      Find the “Do it Yourself” at the top of the page, then use the drop-down for “laundry & detergent”

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