Sunshine Flower Pot

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      Difficulty: Very Easy

      Age: 5 and up.

      What you’ll need:
      Styrofoam cup
      Small chunk of floral foam
      Colorful buttons
      White craft glue
      Yellow acrylic paint

      How to make it:
      Paint cup yellow, inside and out and let dry completely.
      Glue buttons around the rim of the cup and let dry.
      Glue small chunks of floral foam inside the cup to insert stick flowers in to.
      Buy large bags of colorful buttons at your local craft store.
      Styrofoam cups and bowls are inexpensive and are great for craft projects.
      If using this project to hold paper flowers, shred or cut up some green construction or tissue paper to cover the flower foam.

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      Wow !!! I(ts really nice stuff …Thanks for sharing with us …and i will try it and i will give to my mom for this Mothers day ….

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      Nice. I didn’t have buttons so I used gummy bears =P looks good and is sturdy.

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