Sunday Morning Roll Call!!! 8-4-2013

Stuff I’d Like to See General Sunday Morning Roll Call!!! 8-4-2013

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      Good Morning! Thought We’d do something a little different this morning… since the boards are busy and full of people we thought we’d ask what’s on the agenda for today? Any big plans in your household?

      We have a housefull of teenage guys this morning. Our sons best friend got accepted in a Prestigious Private School and we threw him a surprise going away party yesterday, so I just got done baking 4 batches of Land o’ nod cinnamon rolls for 6 seemingly starving kids.

      So, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

      By the way, since it’s such a busy morning and there are so many new faces, we’re giving away an Amazon Gift Certificate to one lucky recipient (random draw) that replies to this Roll Call!!

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      G’ Morning Liss! We’re just hanging around the house, the other half is making crockpot grits (sausage/cheese) and eggs and we’re hoping to get some yard work accomplished shortly before it heats up too much outside.

      Sunday Morning Rollcall huh? That’s a new one!

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      Good Morning!! Great idea. Today we are going to our local Applebee’s, they are hosting the annual bbq cook-off challenge (for regular customers).

      the regulars bring/cook their best bbq recipes and win prizes. there is also some same games like bean bag toss………… it a great way for the servers to visit with loyal customers.

      great adult beverage prices as well. it is a fun time.

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      I agree, this is a Fun Idea! I’m planning on getting the weeds out of my flowerbeds this afternoon and we’re having a potluck gathering at our church later in the day. It sounds like you’ve had a busy weekend, congratulations to your sons friend!

      The weekend hasn’t been very productive for me so far, we’re avoiding the stores and NOT grocery shopping due to the tax free weekend. The stores are absolutely mobbed right now. I’m working on my weekly menu plan right now, searching budget101 for a few cheaper recipes to include in this weeks menu plan.

      I love the prime rib idea!

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      I guess I picked a good day to login and check my messages! I was just checking out some of the recipes posted in the fitness section because I was looking for a “treat” so they say. I saw the S’mores bites posted at this morning and they were under 100 calories.

      I love those 100 cal posts, keep’em coming. We don’t have a lot planned here, sunday is kind of our lazy day. I do have to bathe the dog today, but he loves it, so it’s not really a problem.

      I was thinking of maybe trying a new crockpot or dump recipe too, any ideas anyone?

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      Morning All! What a beautiful day it is here in Illinois!! My hubby and I started out with blueberry pancakes and bacon with no one but the kitties(Molly and Whiskers) for company.

      Both boys are working this morning and Bob has to work from 10-7 today so I have the day to myself…oh my what to do first!..did all the basic chores yesterday so probably bake a little something to put into my cake plate and pull some weeds..its so nice out I think I will pack a picinic lunch and take it to my friend who just had eye surgery on both eyes!!..She’s doing well but could probably use a little tlc…Hope ya’ll have a great day!

      thanks for letting me in πŸ™‚

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      Good Morning!!! Happy Sunday! I’m a newbie!!!

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      Mornin’ All!
      I’ll be busy with my weekly Avon newsletter, getting ready for deliveries, and attacking my living room…I’ve been using it lately to just ‘put’ stuffgiggle smiley

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      purr smilie@mbwilson321 318360 wrote:

      Morning All! What a beautiful day it is here in Illinois!! My hubby and I started out with blueberry pancakes and bacon

      lol, that’s funny, we did too! we’re having some friends over this afternoon for a bbq so i was trying to find a recipe for macaroni salad that i saw on here a few weeks ago. i don’t know why i didnt bother to save it to my favorites list.
      we’ve had the weirdest weather here and today looks like a nice one, finally.

      i think mother nature is bipolar.

      i was thinking of maybe trying a new crockpot or dump recipe too, any ideas anyone?

      the crockpot beef and broccoli is really good and it’s pretty easy to make if you happen to have some cheap cuts of beef in the refrigerator or freezer that you can use. there’s also a good selection of crockpot recipes in the dump and run forum too.

      Thanks for calling Roll Call liss, this was fun

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      Love this idea! Started the morning off by waking the house up with pancakes (haven’t made breakfast food in a long long time). Doing some cleaning, laundry, school work then putting up gutters on the house and hopefully on the garage but there is suppose to be some showers so might not be able to do it all.

      Then I have to pack to spend half of the week away from home for work. Would like to do some baking this afternoon but just not sure there will be enough time.

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      Good Morning, This morning I am working on the house, doing laundry, mowing lawn, preparing my Cajun butter injected roasted Chicken for tonight. Debating on what to make to go with it. Enjoying a wonderful cup of Gevalia coffee πŸ™‚ I still have peace and quite my teen boys are still sleeping lol

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      Hi, I’m new to this but I just read the receipe for the Homemade Detergent. I’m going to try it as soon as I can find all the ingredients. It sounds great.

      So very glad I found this group. Love it.

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      Just registered and am new to this site but I absolutely love what I have seen so far…love, love, love Amazon so here’s hoping!

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      ooooooh, Can I play too? I came on to find some new freebies, it’s been a few days since I’ve had a chance and I needed to download a few new books to my Kindle. I made the Super Laundry sauce for dummies recipe the other day, I love love love love love it.

      showered with loveshowered with love

      it really works great and so simple, thanks for sharing it! i did find that for nasty/greasy mechanics clothes you should double the dosage to 2 tbs, but it really does get out the grime!

      I don’t have a lot on my agenda today, just catching up, finding a few freebies, sharing a few freebies, downloading a few free kindle books from the forums, blah blah blah.

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      I am so very glad that I found this site and I absolutely love it already,Thanks !!!!!!

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      Bobbie J

      Hi,my name is Bobbie,and I just followed a link on my cousins Facebook. I’m glad to be a new member and can’t wait to get started,I’m raising three grandchildren,and try to find ways to cut back on spending as much as we can as we are on a limited budget.Cant wait to start browsing. Sure hope to win the amazon gift card as school is starting back up we sure can use it!

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      Nothing big going on today. I’m still recuperating from 2 days ago, when I over did housework!!! Pretty sad huh? That’s due to Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, but I felt such accomplishment at the time. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!!! πŸ™‚

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      Good moring ev one, I’m new here but have a question. I give my dog a bath and the next am when I let her out sh gets fleas again. What can I do?

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      Our usual Sunday… πŸ™‚

      I’m new here, just signed up – thanks to a link to the Secret Laundry Sauce recipe! πŸ˜€

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      Well, it is afternoon where we live, and I’m new to this site as of today. Weather is lovely and we are just relaxing for a change. Already did some golfing, gardening, dog walking, etc.

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      Good morning, This is my first time at this, so I hope all are doing well.

      My dog keeps getting more fleas even after I give her a bath the night before. What can I do about this?

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      Good afternoon! Just fixing to go grocery shopping with the kiddos. Then house cleaning time. yay.

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      Hi all, I just got in from the garden where I harvested about 80 ears of corn… I will be busy in the kitchen blanching and freezing corn for awhile. Then it is back out to the garden to see what else is ready for me to pick.

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      Good afternoon everyone. We are just chillin around the house today, hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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      Roll Call, I’m all In! I’m sitting indoors waiting for a thunderstorm to pass so I can go mow the lawn that has sprouted waist high! I really need new blades on my lawnmower, but it doesn’t look like that’s in the budget this week.

      @Momietommy2000 318392 wrote:

      Good moring ev one, I’m new here but have a question. I give my dog a bath and the next am when I let her out sh gets fleas again. What can I do?

      You should probably treat your yard with Pyrethrum or Permethrin. You can get it in concentrate at Animal Feed/Supply Stores and mix it about a tbs per gallon of water. It’s derived from the chrysanthamum plant and will kill fleas and ticks.

      Also you could use DE powder directly on your pets to stop fleas.

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      Hi everyone! I’m new here and so excited to have found you!!! I slept-in this morning, made a pan of cat head biscuits, sausage gravy and scrambled eggs with onion and tomatoes….now I’m just waiting for my laundry to process. Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!!

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      Hello everyone! I’m new here!

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      Good afternoon from the great state of Tennessee πŸ™‚ Since the day is well on its way I’ll just say I’ve fed 3 dachshunds and a husband their breakfast. Started a load of laundry (next laundry will be with your soap recipe) and now relaxing and enjoying our beautiful day with low humidity.
      Excited to find your website because we old people depend on you young’ins to keep us up on the latest money saving ideas. We are retired and could use the extra funs.

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      Hey everyone,

      Hope everyone is enjoying your Sunday. It is a beautiful day here in Michigan and I’m just enjoying the quiet. Woke up with a bad headache that has lasted the whole day so not really doing much. Will be BBQing later so dinner shouldn’t be too bad. I’m a newbie so still looking around the site but I definitely want to try some recipes that will save time. I also have a 6.5 year old who only eats carbs so it is a pain in the you know what when it comes to food prep but I keep trying to get him to sample new things.

      Well enjoy the rest of the day everyone.

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      Good afternoon! I’m a newbie. I saw a laundry detergent recipe on Facebook, followed the link and here I am.

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      It is a little late for Good Morning but still wanted to say Good Morning to all of you and to thank you for letting me join this awesome website. I know I can learn a lot here.I am redecorating my bedroom today. Good luck to all who did log in this morning. I think we are all winners no matter what. Have a wonderful day to all of you.

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      Hi! I’m brand new so I will need a few pointers. I was attracted by the homemade laundry soap. My name is Carolyn.

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      Hello! I’m new here and wanted to check in and be entered in the drawing.

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      Good Morning. Trying to figure this all out. Lol im kinda new here.

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      I’m new so came into the family a bit late for morning.
      Today is laundry day and a bit of tv.
      I love the recipes and tips that I’ve seen.
      This group looks like a new “home” for me. πŸ™‚

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      Family day, and always looking for ways to save money.

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      Hello, just signed up! Not much going on here today, a very quiet (and hot) Sunday!

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      Went to church this morning and we ate lunch at Dairy Queen (had a kids meal AND got a senior citizen discount) Looking forward to watching a football game tonight–yes, I know it is just practice, but it sure beats Big Brother.

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      Hello! I was on before you posted this, so am late answering. So I will say — have a great evening everyone! Mostly the same stuff goes on around here every day. We are working on the garden, harvesting veggies and processing them for future use. Thanks; Virginia

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      Hi Everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but it looks like I picked a good day to check in! I spent the day cleaning house and trying to get things accomplished around here. I’ve been wanting to decorate for autumn, but its still far too hot.

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      Congratulations to JVallaincrt our Randomly selected $25 Amazon Gift Card Recipient! Thank you to everyone who attended our Roll Call. We’ve issued a new challenge- It’s available here:

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      hey Liss — sorry I’ve been absent — see my latest thread to find out why… LOL

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      Hi and hello Liss. I am a newly registered member here but thought I would add my to do for the day. We just bought a dozen storage boxes so I am about to start sorting out clothes, linens, etc. to put away till winter. Just read the recipe for the laundry sauce so need to check store for the ingredients. Also have to harvest our lower garden too, lots of squash this year. Everyone have a great day!!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Sunday Morning Roll Call!!! 8-4-2013