Summer Bedroom Redo

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      Today I started on my DS2’s room redecorating project. He wanted a log cabin bedroom and I’ve been collecting things for quite some time now. we began the day by starting to declutter his bedroom.

      Goodness, who knew a 16 year old boy could have so much stuff!

      Anyone else redecorating over the Summer?

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      I’m going to try to get to our bedroom finally.
      Now if I could just figure out what to do in there.

      I also need to repaint the kitchen cabinets and paint the trim and doors which I hope to get done this Summer.

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      So what were you thinking for your bedroom? I’m also thinking about our bedroom. My MIL gave us a new bedspread that’s perfect for Summer, I just love it!

      She also gave us a new bedskirt. As luck would have it I have some navy blue tab top curtains stored away somewhere, I’ve got to find those, that will match perfectly. I also was able to get a new hamper for my husband and some blacker wicker baskets for him to store his stuff for just $6.25!

      I have no pictures in our bedroom so I thought I’d take the hunting dog pictures from our living room and hang them in there, a very frugal solution! Other then that our bedroom could stand a boatload of decluttering and I think I’m going to rearrange the furniture. Right now our bedroom feels very crowded.

      I’d like to be able to walk in our bedroom amd take a deep breath, right now there’s so much stuff I walk in there and catch my breath. LOL!

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      Summer Redoes Are In The Air

      Thanks for sharing your projects for the summer. They are so exciting! I love the idea of the cabin for your son’s room.

      When you mentioned the theme, I immediately thought of you bringing the out of doors in. And, your bedroom sounds like it’s going to be a real summer retreat. I sure hope you take some pictures of both of them and post on here!

      Again, thanks for sharing!

      This is our daughter and son-in-law’s newly done living room… This is what they put together with what was on hand in our sheds, a curb alert (the stereo cabinet) and a couple of things that were passed down from the families. They had the Love Seat, Ottoman and tv.

      there are a couple of more things that she’s going to hang that she ‘shopped’ out of the house. actually, i’ve been trying to give them to her for a long time. anyway.

      redoing, no matter how much always lifts one’s spirits.

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      Love the room makeover ideas and the pictures! Our only child is heading off to college and her room needs freshened and updated. Our budget is extremely limited.

      We painted, that’s a given in most makeover situations. I found some inexpensive table clothes on clearance and sewed curtains. We picked up a couple shelves at Goodwill and painted them to match other items in the room.

      The biggest improvement came when we searched for Seattle carpet cleaners and found one that we hired to clean the carpets throughout the house. This made an incredible difference.

      Don’t forget that the carpets are a great place to start when giving a room a makeover!

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