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      Kids love having their own personal diary. Even pre-schoolers enjoy
      using theirs to draw pictures in. Begin the summer with a brand new
      journal and a pen (crayons and markers) for each child.

      Stock up on inexpensive art supplies – large newspapers, crayons,
      markers, poster paints, glitter, glue, etc. When your child is in
      the mood you’ll be ready with the proper supplies. Use an egg carton
      to place glue, paints and glitter in while working on that special

      Younger and older kids alike can enjoy creating their own special
      necklace. Use egg cartons to organise beads for your older kids and
      macaroni for the younger set. Older kids can thread the beads using
      fishing line, and make long enough to slip over their head. Pre-
      schoolers will enjoy threading their noodles onto shoelaces.

      Does your child enjoy playing with trains or cars? With a bit of
      help from you, he can create his own city – the perfect play area
      for those cars, lorries, trains and play people. Buy an inexpensive
      vinyl tablecloth with felt backing. Use the back of the tablecloth
      to draw roads, houses, parks, schools, etc., with permanent markers.
      Or cut out pieces of felt in the shape of lakes, trees, animals and
      people. This activity encourages your child’s creativity and

      Kids can create their own special T-shirt. Purchase an inexpensive
      light-coloured cotton shirt. You will also need a thick piece of
      cardboard or a paper shopping bag, non-toxic colourfast markers or
      paint for fabrics and masking tape. Set up a work space and stretch
      the T-shirt over the cardboard or shopping bag, securing with tape.
      Once the materials are assembled, allow your child to have free
      rein – designing a T-shirt that’s totally unique.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Kids / Children Summer Activities for Kids