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      Hi all, as I prepare to move into the new year with all my focus on a debt free home, I’ve realized I need a bread machine!

      So those that cant live without theirs, can you suggest a good one for a beginner. Yep I am hoping for a very reasonable price, too. :005:

      I continue to see them in the local thrift shop, but I don’t know I’ve hesitated as they very seldom come with instructions. Not stuck up by any means, I bought a 20 year old food processor not to long ago for 5.00. My sister was with me, had one just like it bought brand new and still going strong today.

      I am learning to use it. I made fresh hashbrowns this morning.

      Really though, I am dreaming of pizza dough. lolololol

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      If you have an idea of the brand from the thrift store you could run it through a search engine to see if you can find a manual/recipe book online.

      I don’t have a bread machine so can’t help you out with a recommendation, sorry.

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      oh thats a good idea. I have in the past called manufacturers and replaced one but now days they dont seem to be so accomodating. I will work with that!

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      I’ve been studying on this awhile. Today I had decided to get one before Christmas, so we could enjoy it for our meals. In looking around I found one at Walmarts with great reviews and in local store.

      60.00 its an Oyster.

      I’ve been doing odds and ends work all week. Most of it was recieved today and just a few dollars short of what I need. So Merry Christmas to me.


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      If for some reason you decide to get one from a thrift store, the only thing to watch out for is if you can still get parts. I have an old Welbilt that is about 20+ years old and still works better than my new one, but I can only find the replacement blades on ebay, and it is rare to find a replacement rubber seal for the bottom of the pan. So I know it’s just a matter of time before I lost the seal or something happens to it and I can no longer use my favorite bread machine!!

      I don’t use them a lot, but when I do I love them!!

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      Those are such good points Naolav, that I am going to study the ones available at walmarts today and then make a decision. I continue to feel it will pay for itself but 60.00 is a week of groceries around. Still, thats what I am trying to cut down by investing in a bread machine.

      I have the time to use it faithfully. I will use it to create Christmas gifts this year. I can add pizza night to my menu.

      The only con I’ve thought of is if I am no good at it. So, I will keep the reciept and box and wrappings. Thanks for your input as thats been my worry about the thrift shop..

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      some make jam too so of you can get berries in season you can do that as well. Good luck

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      I got a bread machine, practically brand new, in the box, with the instructions for $5 at a yard sale. Later that year, I found 2 more and gave to my dil and sil, again, $5 each, practically/like new with instruction book. I have a West Bend, and I confess, I hardly ever use it, but it is very easy to use, and works well.

      So far as I know, it’s the same story with my sil and dil, hardly ever, if ever use. but, it was one of those things…better to have spent $5 than say full price. I think i’d use it more, but it requires “memory” MINE, to set up on a timer.

      And most of the time, I just don’t have the time to actualy use it to make bread in time for when we’d actually be having dinner. But, the faily does enjoy the bread when I make it!!! My best suggestion, ask on Freecycle first, might be a lot of people willing to move it out of their kitchen.

      If not found there, if you have a local “sister” group for selling items, community notices, etc., try there and ask if any one is willing to sell their for say $5 or $10, and request a manual/instruction book.

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