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      HI Cindy Sue, I just received my magazine from the Cooking Club of America
      and they have a tip on how to ensure the moist cake. This is what it says:
      To ensure the moistest cake, don’t cool it on the counter. Instead, as soon
      as you take the cake out of the oven, remove it from the pan and wrap it well
      in plastic wrap to seal ion the steam.

      Then freeze the cake. When you’re
      ready to frost it, remove from freezer and let it stand at room temperature,
      still wrapped, for 15 minutes. Then remove the plastic wrap and spread the

      When you’re done, place the cake in the refrigerator to let it
      defrost completely.

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      I find my cakes are always moist when I add a couple Jars of baby food! 🙂

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      i add a couple jars of baby food

      lynn, what kind of baby food do you use ? and exactly how much do you use ? i’ve never heard of using this.

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      Thank you for this tip, this makes perfect sense. I am definetly going to try this the very next time I bake a cake, which knowing me… will be today!!!


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      When I was younger and made box cakes, I would add a box of instant pudding to the mix. Worked like a charm.

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      Extra egg yolk would also make it more moist.

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      I use applesauce instead of oil, and not only is it moist, but its lower in fat.

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      I use instant pudding as well. But I orefer baby food because it is just pureed fruit anyway. I hve used the peaches for a peach cake.

      Pears for a nice sweet taste to vanilla cake, apricots for a tang to an orange cake 🙂 You can use almost anything your imagination can come up with 🙂

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      I love adding a half a cup of sour cream to my box cakes.

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      A box of pudding mix added to the cake mix also helps.

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      We had a lady in town that used to make cakes for all occasions, weddings, birthdays, etc… and they were always the richest, most delicious cakes. We discovered her secret was Butter. She didn’t use oil in the recipe, but instead used 2 sticks of butter per cake mix. They were delicious, but OH the calories!

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      Those are all good suggestions i think. i’ve used all of them. when i had young children at home, the baby food was a no-brainer for me.

      when they weren’t into baby food any more, and i found myself without it all the time, i moved to applesauce. as has been said, you get the moisture and not the fat. however, it’s not quite as good to me as using the pudding mix, altering the recipe somewhat and using the freezer method.

      i use the cheapest cake mix (i buy the cheap ones on sale or make my own mixes (recipes on site, plus i have some more). then, i increase the eggs from 3 to 4, the oil (sometimes I use margarine instead for better flavor) to 1/2 cup instead of the 1/3 it usually calls for; and then finally, I use 1 1/2 cups of water instead of the 1 or 1 1/4 it usually calls for. If you do this, and use the freezer method described above (and store the cake in the refrigerator (covered securely) you will be absolutely thrilled with the end product.

      Also, I actually don’t allow the cake to thaw much before frosting. Frosting it while frozen frequently (if not always) eliminates the need for a crumb-coat and iit just goes on without a hitch!! Cakes are something I am known for….everyone I know, and some I don’t come to me to make ’em, because they think there is just something (they don’t know what it is) that makes mine just taste over the top!

      What a compliment!!

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      That makes sense! Don’t know how much luck I will have taking a hot cake out of a pan in one piece. I’ve read somewhere that simple syrup is sometimes sprayed on the cake to moisten…

      mmm! I like cake!:dance1::dance1:

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      1/4 cup shredded zucchini makes all baked goods moist. I ship cookies my soldier son in Afghanistan and they always arrive moist and delicious!

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      I have always used a box cake with less oil and more water but i use olive oil instead for cupcakes they stay moist in the fridge for the next day people at work love them and ask forthem all the time

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      My secret ingredient in my cakes is mayonnaise! This is the moistest cake I have ever eaten and it does not taste like mayo!

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      The best way I’ve found to make my box-cakes both light and moist, is to add an extra egg white, and slightly reduce the amount of oil. For example, if your chocolate calls for 1/2 cup of oil (and most do) use only 1/3 cup. This will lighten the final product a great deal.

      I’ve made and decorated cakes for 30+ yrs, and this has never failed me!

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      I like your post here! Great idea! I have a very talented Aunt that has made many event cakes.

      She once suggested freezing my cakes before frosting so I don’t end up with the crumbs in my frosting, or when I’m spreading and it peels off the top of the cake!! Hate that! Thank you for sharing this!

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      This sounds like a phenominal idea…I will try it today.

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      All of the posted suggestions are great tips. I’m looking forward to trying them all. Thanks

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      a friend of mine told me once that you can also use mayo but im not sure how i think she said that it was in place of the oil and it was 1 cup but again not sure if some one has tried this and knows what to do i would love to know thanx for all the other tips im going to try them also i know the mayo is prob more fattening also but was told was very fluffy and smooth tastes better

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      how much do you use and do you substitute it for something else of add it with everything else

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      I’ve also heard of the mayo idea several ties but never tried it although it makes perfect sense! What is mayo? It’s eggs and oil!

      I have chickens, so the extra egg white is no real extra cost for me but the reduction of oil is a >slight< money saver with no effect on taste. Also, if you use a round of wax paper in the bottom of your cake pan(s) you do not have to grease & flour the bottom. I also never grease the sides. I know this sounds odd but, just like an angel food cake, the batter needs something to “climb” up on. The ungreased sides provide this. Otherwise, the cake will be trying to rise against it’s own weight. So when you turn the cakes out, be sure to run a dull knife around the sides and you will have no problem at all!

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