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      Many people do not have the option to pay cash for school and as long

      as you get your loan thru a reputable bank/lender you will be fine.

      Pay attention to the repayment terms but in my experience they are more

      than fair. Student loans, though they will show on your credit report,

      will not negatively effect your credit rating if they are in

      deferrment. You normally do not have to pay anything until 6 months

      after you graduate and even then you can stretch out repayment over a

      very lenghthy amount of time if necessary.

      If you can get a Stafford Loan (thru federal aid) then your interest

      rate will be determined and regulated by the government and some

      stafford loans I think will even cover the interest (depending on your


      **Also check with your church. Many denominations have scholarships

      and loans through the national headquarters. I received a large

      scholarship and a loan through the Presbyterian Church (USA).

      — In, “Lucy Anderson”



      > Experience with student loans = DON’T.


      > Run, far, far, far away. We have over $50K of student loan debt

      staring at

      > us and it hurts. It is like a heavy weight hanging over life and it


      > go away. It is not worth it – pay cash.


      > On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Terry wrote:


      > > Hey All,

      > > My wife just got accepted to nursing school.

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