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      My hubby is in Nurs school.What we did was prepay using the credit card,he just finished Nurs 3,was 650 plus books,which he borrowed some from friiends.We then applied for financial aid and got a check in mail for 950 so it covered tuition and some books.He will start Nurs 4 and it will run fall thru Dec and we will do the same.He is an LPN so he got credited for Nurs 1 and 2 and took a test and got into Nurs 3,he will do Nurs 4 in fall and Nurs 5 in sping and sit for boards after he finishes Nurs 5.He took all his prerequisites 1or 2 at a time cause we had to pay all along,so its taken a while but will be worth it.He also works fulltime so its been hard working around his school and work schedule.

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