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      It is possible that it is due to a fatty-acid deficiency. He needs to stop
      eating man-made fats (margarine, shortening, most veg oils) and switch to
      real butter and olive oil. I could go on and on. But that’s it, basically.
      No man-made snack foods and prepackaged foods.

      This will work better than topical treatments, because it is the root of the

      You also may want to research Candida, sometimes it can manifest as


      P.S. More info from a website (I added the underline):

      Candida Can Cause Many Negative Symptoms That Can Be Misdiagnosed

      Back in your intestines candida will eat sugars and starches. It will
      ferment them creating alcohol. In some cases it can create enough alcohol to
      negatively effect you by causing mild symptoms of intoxication or hangover

      In the digestive tract it causes gas to be produced as a byproduct of
      fermentation. As it grows in the intestinal tract it takes over sections
      that do not have friendly bacteria. Because of this it grows in only certain
      areas of the intestines. If you could take out the intestines and open them
      up Candida would look like streaks or blotches appearing very unevenly in
      certain areas while other areas would be normal.

      Candida needs food to grow just like parasites do. The more food Candida
      has, the more it can grow. In tends to grow like a weed in your intestines.
      When it has food it perks up and spreads. Your own immune system can inhibit
      its growth it most cases. But when enough friendly bacteria are killed off
      by “Cipro” your immune system will not be able to fight off Candida.

      Candida can be seen in the vagina of a woman. It can appear as a frothy like
      beer foam or like cottage cheese producing itching and burning and well as a
      sweet odor. This is the classic vaginal yeast infection.

      In the mouth, it’s overgrowth is called “thrush”. It causes a heavy white
      coating on the tongue as well as white spots on the gums, the sides of the
      mouth or the corners of the mouth. It can look fuzzy or like cotton and is
      painful. A green, yellow or white coating on the tongue may also come from a
      sinus infection or allergy and that may involve Candida.

      Candida can invade the sinuses, the ears, and the creases of the skin where
      we sweat and cause chronic infections that continue to return despite
      treatment. It can invade the scalp and cause dandruff.

      When this happens the scalp will get particularly itchy and may itch when
      you eat sweets. Dry flaky scalp may mean Candida is causing B vitamin

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