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      We always have about a serving and a half of spaghetti sauce leftover after the meal. I used to save it with some noodles, but no one ever ate it and I would end up throwing it away. Now I keep plastic container in the freezer for the leftover sauce.

      After about 3 spaghetti meals, I have enough frozen sauce for 4th meal. It’s fast too – I just warm it up instead of having to make it from the beginning. No one at my house is the wiser.

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      I do this too what a great time saver and money saver. I love my freezer!

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      Another great use for leftover sauce is to make bagel pizzas. A couple spoonfuls of sauce, some shredded mozzarella, diced pepperoni all put onto a toasted bagel and broiled is a great after work/school snack. I use mini bagels that I buy at the bread outlet for snacks, but if I am making this for lunch I will use a regular sized bagel.

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      :041:This is a great tip. Wil save me time also.

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      I like the way you gals think. Thanks!

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      When I have a dab of spaghetti sauce left and it won’t be enough for a lunch for one of us it gets recycled into a dip, I just add it to some velveta cheese and melt & serve it with frito dippers or chips. I do the same with dabs of leftover chili.

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      man, I love you guys! GENIUS! thanks for the tips!

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      i’m always making more then we need. i always have lots of sauce, so i add beans, chili powder and add vegies to taste, and turn it into chili. sometimes i buy the chili seasoning packet and use that.

      quick and easy.

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      I do many things with that leftover spaghetti sauce. The trick is to “remember” it’s there (LOL)! I put it on top of english muffins for pizzarettes (or bagels like JennyCup does).

      I throw it into a meatloaf, or mini meatloves along with a little ketchup to add flavor. I use it as a base ingredient for a bean/pasta soup like a macaroni bean. The other day I used I made a cabbage stew with about two cups meatsauce I had leftover.

      I put rice in it and it was kind of like stuffed cabbage stew. I don’t use recipes very often, I just kind of experiment. If all else fails, such as my memory, and it hasn’t been too long I will throw it into the next batch of spag.

      sauce. Usually if it was a really good sauce I will freeze the leftovers and do this. It is almost like how the amish takes a little bit of their friendship bread to start the next loaf.

      Or how a yogurt culture gets passed on. It really makes the sauce yummy! I also throw in a leftover pork chop or some meat I had frozen from a previous meal.

      The family loves it. Good Luck!

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      Excellent advice ladies. Freezers are one of the greatest inventions ever.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Left Over Layering stretching spaghetti sauce