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      On 6/13/08, *Mike Hurst * wrote:

      I just wanted to comment on the A/C thing once you are going 50 MPH with you

      windows down you are using more gas then if you have the A/C on so what I do

      is have them down until I am on a road where the speen limit is 50 or more.

      I can believe that! I never fill up and I know if I use my A/C while doing

      my routine driving I end up on “E” before my next “gas day”. The only time

      I use A/C is if I’m taking a long trip or if the day is in the upper 90s and

      I need a little relief. Then I’ll turn it on for about 15 minutes just to

      cool off, or better yet I just wait until I can go into an air-conditioned



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