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      Very very true as I have found out. The A/C in my van died and until I can get it fixed ………… uses way more gas than I even thought it would.
      Just hope I can get it fixed this week.

      On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 9:57 AM, Mike Hurst <> wrote:

      I just wanted to comment on the A/C thing once you are going 50 MPH with you windows down you are using more gas then if you have the A/C on so what I do is have them down until I am on a road where the speen limit is 50 or more.

      On 6/12/08, Tracy Feuer[/b] <> wrote:

      One suggestion for stretching gasoline is to use some of the strategies of hypermiling. I say some because some of the strategies are dangerous. You can do a search on the net to find out about hypermiling and use the strategies that work for you.

      Here are some of the tips I use.

      When I am going down a hill I take my foot off the gas and will coast at far as I can using the energy that I gained from going down hill. If I start getting much below the speed limit then I will put my foot on the gas again. If I am coming up to a red light and know I am going to have to stop I will take my foot off the gas and try to coast a while before I have to use the brakes. I have started to slow down a lot I used to drive really fast. Now using these hypermiling techniques I am always between 5 miles under or 5 miles over the speed limit. Depending on the situation. Going down hill I may gain 5mphs which I can then use to carry me aways by coasting.

      I am aware if there is traffic behind me and the time of day etc. I may go even slower if no one is behind but if someone is behind me I try to keep it right around the speed limit. But if someone wants to speed and use a bunch of extra gas they can just go around me.

      Some hypermiling techniques I don't use. I don't drive around with the windows up and no ac I would die in the VA summer.

      I don't take turns super fast just to avoid using my brakes. If I know I am going to make a turn I look to see if someone is behind me and take my foot off the gas and coast aways to slow down before I make my turn. Hubby waits untill he gets right up on something to brake. I try to time my errands etc during the least busy times of the day.

      I think some of the hypermiling techniques are a little extreme but depending on your area you can adjust them to make them safe.

      Tracy in Suburban VA





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