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      Instead of adding more of the high carb/fattening pasta and potatoes, why not add meat or veggies? I use a TON of mixes in order to make all sorts of meals. I look at the mixes as starter, ideas, spices etc.

      It keeps things from getting stale and boring. But, mixes are really not economical unless other stuff is added in. They are also usually high in salt.

      So I keep things on hand that can help to at least reduce the per serving amount of salt for those in the family that need that. I’m lucky. My bloodpressure is so low I need salt.


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      From: Karen
      Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 12:45 PM
      Subject: : Stretching box mixes

      I’m not a good cook – so a lot of my cooking comes in boxes. I have
      found ways to stretch that a little and am looking for other ways.
      If I’m cooking macaroni & cheese, I add a little more macaroni; making
      a pasta salad from a box – just add extra of the same pasta; potatoes
      au gratin – I found a store that sells those dried potatoes and now I
      add a few more potatoes to the mix. You can easily add an extra serving
      without noticing any difference for pennies.


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