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      Where did you find the dried potatoes? Those would come in handy. I have three teens now and one box of anything doesn’t make a meal anymore.




      When there is no wind, row.

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      from: karen
      Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 10:45:31 AM
      Subject: : Stretching box mixes

      I’m not a good cook – so a lot of my cooking comes in boxes. I have
      found ways to stretch that a little and am looking for other ways.
      If I’m cooking macaroni & cheese, I add a little more macaroni; making
      a pasta salad from a box – just add extra of the same pasta; potatoes
      au gratin – I found a store that sells those dried potatoes and now I
      add a few more potatoes to the mix. You can easily add an extra serving
      without noticing any difference for pennies.


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