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      Very strange. Whenever I copy or type the word spoon it comes across as “Thingy” so if I type Tablespoon it comes across as Tablethingy.

      Does this make any sense to you. I can get around it by typing “T or t”, but it would be nice. I thought I would start here in my mission.

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      Not sure why it did not do it in the previous message??? Confused

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      Did this just start recently when you type? Have you checked your scroll lock key…just a thought 🙂

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      Thanks, but it is not on. I noticed it a few weeks ago while cpoying a wedding party favor from another site, but it also does it on this one when I copy recipes for my recipe collection.

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      I am sorry……wish I could help you…. 🙁

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Board Rules & Regs Tech Support Strange Question