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      I love orange Julius ….specially their pomegranate they had at Xmas and then more recently but they are out of season now 🙁
      If I could replicate the recipe but without the egg whites, then I’d try to make it lol.

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      From: Wendy
      Date: 6/9/2008 9:45:53 AM
      Subject: Re: : Strange Group

      If I can get the ingredients to make, say an orange Julius, at home instead of paying a lot for it at the mall, then I’m all on that shiznit!! I’ll save my money any way I can!

      If you visit the site, there are many categories to cut corners: diy home projects, recipes, etc.

      i don’t know about you, but when i join a group and find that it’s not what i thought it was cracked up to be, i leave the group. also, if the subject is of no interest to me, i hit delete.

      i hope that didn’t come of snippety.


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