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      > You get 1 maybe 2 emails a day depending on

      >how busy the group is. I don’t get 200 emails anymore.

      I use an ISP mailing address so I get my email downloaded to my

      computer. I use filters to sort the email as it comes in. Some use

      the subject line, some use the “from” address, and one uses the “to”

      address. The email goes into different folders sorted usually by

      subject matter. I have the previews set so I can read most small

      email without opening the email. I came home to almost 400 email

      after working a 12 hour shift, and will most likely download 200 to

      400 in the morning when I get up. With my set-up, I can usually go

      through 400 email in 20 minutes. Then I go back and reply to any

      that I wish to reply to.

      Ann in Arkansas

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