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      I used to store my Christmas decorations in my garage in several Rubber-Maid containers, until I lost some of my sensitive Christmas decorations when some candles melted all over them. I looked for a better storage solution and found a huge old black trunk on craigslist. I packed my tree and wreath at the bottom on top of the train box, and added some lights and garlands, then inside the 2 slip in drawer trays, I put all my decorations, candles, cards, re-usable bags, etc. The trunk is in my front room as a coffee table. Looks great, stays room temperature, and its in the room I set up my tree every year, so I don’t have to dig in the garage anymore. Its all in one box, right there where I need it and safe from temperature extremes. P.S. Whatever did’t fit in the box, I got rid of. Decluttered! P.P.S. Once I set up my tree and decorations, I use the empty trunk to hide toys.

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