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      Originally posted by Jes on April 26, 2003

      Try using rubbing alcohol, this is what I use on the front of my oven that is the black and it seems to keep it clean without any leftover residue.

      Originally posted by Susan on April 27, 2003
      Help with Stovetop

      According to what I have read your best bets are to either use dishwashing liquid (hand type) or a paste of baking soda and water with a CLEAN paper towel or cloth. One thing that was stressed was NOT to use a cloth or paper towel that had already been used to wipe something else because it would do just what you are saying is the problem.

      Originally posted by Jill on April 27, 2003

      I’ve been using one of those net puff things they make for the shower or bath. The “lather builders”. They have great scrubbing power but are gentle and won’t scratch your counter or stovetop. Especially good for getting off grease or dried foods. HTH!

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