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      :tulip-icon: Storing Summer Bulbs
      Here is the easy way to do it.

      1.) Carefully dig up your summer bulbs in the fall before the freezing weather comes.
      2.) After digging up the bulbs, spread them on the ground to dry in the shade or, if it’s going to rain, spread them indoors.
      3.) Allow them to dry for about one week.
      4.) Leave any soil on bulbs – that way you don’t have to bother about storing them in vermiculite.
      5.) When the bulbs are completely dry, place the bulbs in plastic garbage bags, and leave the bags open.
      6.) Make absolutely sure that any soil clinging to the bulbs is dry, and check carefully for any insects.
      7.) Fold the tops of the bags over loosely, never tie them shut, and inspect the bulbs throughout the winter.

      Throw any away that begin to rot.
      8.) Store them in a dry, cool area, 35 to 50 degrees. Make sure they don’t freeze. By storing bulbs in a plastic bag, it keeps them from drying out and yet allows them to breathe.

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      Thank you so very much. I was able to plan for the first time this summer and did buy some items that need to dug up and stored for the winter (especially here in SD). I had not clue how to store them so now there will be a chance that I will not have to buy new plants in the spring!

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      Very glad that I could help.
      Like you said some of the bulbs need digging up. Here in Ohio there are alot that I don’t dig up—the ones that are close to the house I don’t. Just because of the warmth that comes off the house.

      And those bulbs I’ll just put an extra cover of mulch on them, when I’m getting the yard ready for winter. So far I have had good luck w/ this plan….

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      I cant find the time anymore. But my daughter will help I am sure. Thanks for the great tip!!!

      Your awesome!!

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