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      how do y’all store mattress pads?????

      i know that sounds dumb, but that is something that has bugged for for
      awhile. I have a king-sized bed, so the pad is big, unruly, impossible
      to fold neatly.

      Hi T
      I would pull off the mattress, and lay the pad on the box springs, and then, put the mattress back over it, you will always know where it is, and it will be nice and flat and kind of easy to get.
      If you don’t like that idea, get the vacuum, take a HUGE trash bag, fold up the pad, stuff it in there, and stick the vac hose in the bag, suck out all of the air, and it should be small enough where you can tie it off, and tight, and hopefully, storable…

      is that a word? That is what I do with my comforters… air gets in them eventually, but plastic is porous!
      Love Ya

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      I have winter bedding & window treatments and summer bedding & window treatments for each bedroom. When the summer bedding and window treatments are being used, the winter stuff is stored between the mattress and boxspring, and vise versa in the winter. When I’m swapping seasons, it’s also a reminder to flip the mattress.

      This way, all of the queen bedding (and double window treatments) are under the queen mattress and the king bedding (and single window treatments) are under the king mattress and I don’t try to make up a bed with the wrong size sheets.

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