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      We have had mice eat through Tupperware, Rubbermaid tubs, and hard sided Samonite luggage. They ate through the Tupperware where the bottom met the side which only had papers and photos in it. They ate through the Rubbermaid tubs and ruined antique craft and quilts and worse of all they ate all the lining and glue(I suspect) from the inside of the suitcase and ruined the wedding quilt I had stored there. We have seen no signs of anything other than mice debris. We live in an rv fulltime and would say bounce fabric sheets don’t work, moth balls smell too bad for us, even when placed on the ground under the rig the smell is bad to us. We have also tried different kinds of electric pest devices that you use plug in and they emit some waves, none worked for us. We throw food garbage
      out as soon as we are done eating and are very careful with crumbs. We have had a few mouse traps and the cheese, peanut butter or chocolate get eaten and the trap doesn’t go off. We also have used coke. Our best success came when we had neighbors who had a cat that ran under our rig quite often and his urine seemed to repel mice.

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