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      I finished reading a book called “The Maker’s Diet,” and it says

      something along the same lines as what Shussy said. In the book is a

      lot of research, great information and common sense. The story of the

      author is very compelling, as well. I went on the diet, just to feel

      better in general, and have noticed the difference. According to the

      author, however, many ills may be diverted by exposing yourself to

      fewer processed and chemically altered foods (you’d be surprised how

      many you eat), and going with the plan that your body is meant to

      handle. I really hope this helps. I’ve been impressed, and I haven’t

      even followed it terribly closely. I’m sure strict adherance to it

      would be terrific. I am glad to say that the tastiest foods are

      absolutely yours to eat, just not the junk food. Read first, then see

      for yourself.

      Take care! GB, Carole

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