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      From your description this problem would be in your intestinal tract not your stomach.
      I read your email to a friend who is a retired
      GI nurse and she thinks you've developed a
      food allergy sensitivity which would cause
      the bloating and pain resulting in the shakes you experience. Also gas pockets
      develop which press on nerves causing
      pain and shakes.
      You first need to look at common foods in your diet, ex. dairy, grain products, yeast, wheat, and remove the food/beverage for
      at least a week, two weeks even better.
      What you're looking for is food allergy/
      sensitivity which would cause the pain and
      bloating. Have you tried the over the counter GasX? This may give temporary
      relief but you need to determine what food
      or drink would be causing the problem.
      (I can't drink real lemonade because of

      On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 8:41 PM, M F <> wrote:

      I have had a stomach problem for about 7 yrs. The top port of my stomach (from below the ribs to above the belly button) starts to feel like I'm having a spasm attack. It feels like a baloon expanding. Then I start feeling weak and shaky. The shaking will last for about an hour. When this problems first started, it would happen a few times a year and now it happens a few times a week.

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