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      >>>I have had a stomach problem for about 7 yrs. The top port of my stomach (from below the ribs to above the belly button) starts to feel like I’m having a spasm attack. It feels like a baloon expanding. Then I start feeling weak and shaky. The shaking will last for about an hour.<<

      Melissa- I’m sorry to say, but in our experiences with doctors, they are good for relieving pain via prescriptions, setting brokenbones,but lousy at diagnosis or anything that’s truly health related. I am a firm believer in natural healthcare (and whole health)- as in looking at the big picture, not just a single symptom. In the tests that the docs DID run, did they at least test you for Helicobacter pylori bacteria???

      Do you get severe heartburn with thisas well?

      Do you currently take any supplements or medicationsat all?

      Does this come on after any certain types of foods? Larger Meals, Smaller meals, before meals, Fatty meals?

      Does it occur at any particular time of day?

      How long do the spasms last?

      Do you have any other symptoms during these episodes?

      What is your mood just prior to the onset of the symptoms you are experiencing? Meaning- are you stressed, frustrated, relaxed etc and then it suddenly hits you?

      Are you Overweight/underweight?

      How do you relieve the discomfort? Does changing position help? Do you tend to lift your arms (like crossing them behind your head when you relax?

      Do you experience swelling of the hands or feet during this time?

      If you are not able to answer these questions or aren’t sure, I think your best bet would be to keep a Health Journal for 1 entire week (at least). Write down everything you eat, your mood at various times of the day and even jot down a couple lines about how you’re feeling, what the weather is at that moment, etc.

      Then, at the end of the week you can view to see if there are patterns to the pain you are experiencing.

      In the meantime…. If you are game to try a few things, here is what I would personally take if I were experiencing the same symptoms that you are currently experiencing:

      1. Place a large teaspoon full of fennel seeds in a cup, cover with boiling water and let steep 7-10 minutes, drink. (If you need to sweeten it try a bit of honey).

      2.At the onset of pain/symptoms immediatelytake 2 capsules of live acidophilis, (found in the vitamin section at walmart for about $8 a bottle- must be kept in the fridge).

      Take Care & I hope you feel better soon,


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