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      Yeast thrives on sugar. Candy bar & pop (regular, not sugar-free) fed it very, very well. The average can of regular soda has 9-14 teaspoons of table sugar equivalent inside. Herlean

      Christine Mayernik wrote: Do some research on Candida. It’s a yeast
      overgrowth. Chiropractors and Natural doctors believe in it but I haven’t found a “regular” doctor who believes in it. But I was treated for it by my chiropractor and didn’t have problems for many years. Then I went on this kick of having a candy bar & pop everyday along with coffee and the Candida crept up on me again and I’ve been battling it every since.

      steven gillule wrote: Another thing to check, as weird as it might sound, is
      the presence of parasites. Any chance you ever
      traveled internationally?

      > >>> I have had a stomach problem for about 7 yrs.
      > The top port of my
      > stomach (from below the ribs to above the belly
      > button) starts to feel like
      > I’m having a spasm attack.

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