Stolen laptop police database

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      Stolen laptop police database

      This situation is more prevalent than you may think. We estimate that 1 in 6 laptops (Approx. 9,734,935 million) will be stolen in the next 24 months in the US.

      Register yours now

      Stolen Laptops

      Register yours now

      To compound the problem, even if the police were to find the thief and recover your laptop, they have almost no idea who owns it or how to get it back to you! Why? Because you never wrote down the serial numbers and the paperwork accompanying it is long gone. You filed a police report, but with no serial number to report, your laptop could be stored away in some police evidence room with thousands of others just like it across the state or across the country, never to be returned to you again.

      Thats where comes in.

      Our website was established by Police Officers to assist consumers, college students and business owners retrieve lost or stolen valuables. The website is a powerful database that members can use to register their personal property. Any descriptive information can be entered into the database including make, model, color, serial number and any thing else you can think of. You can even upload photographs of your items.

      But along with the other great advantages of being a member, there are two fantastic features about

      Once your items are registered, if they are ever stolen or lost you have all the information you need to give to police. Your descriptive information about the item has been stored in our secure database.

      But here is the best part: When your item is recovered by police across the state or across the globe, they only have to log onto one simple-to-use website to search for its owner.

      They just enter the serial number or description of your laptop, iPod, DVD player or other valuable, and the items description and the email address that you entered when you first registered is there for them to contact you!
      Your valuable item wont be sitting in some far away evidence room, because the police now know who the owner is, and they have an easy way to get in touch with you. Its as simple as that! Your property is returned and theres no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace it.

      And best of all, is FREE to use; free for consumers, college students and business owners, and free for all law enforcement personnel. There is never any charge to use our service.

      What are some of the other benefits of how gets your valuables back to you?

      Theres no need to spend your hard earned money to replace lost or stolen valuables

      Theres no need to fill out time-consuming insurance claim forms
      No insurance claim means lower premiums

      Your irreplaceable items (data in your laptop, photographs in your digital camera) have a better chance of being returned to you

      You, the victim of a crime, can now assist the police in a successful prosecution of the thief

      Police wont waste precious time trying to find the owner of recovered merchandise, freeing up time for crime fighting

      Your member information can be accessed by you from any internet-accessible computer across the globe

      Police only have to search one powerful database for owner information when they recover lost or stolen goods

      No contracts to sign

      No minimum commitment

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      BUMP98.gif* Worth repeating!

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      very good information. Someone last weekend broke into the local University and stole several laptops from a lab cut the security wires. Theft of this sort is getting worse.

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      I missed this one the first time. Will come in handy for friends and family. THANKS again.

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      Thefts of laptops is increasing alarmingly. In the last month or so, three laptops have been stolen from our Dept of Human Services (welfare). These laptops contain personal info including SSN’s for thousands of people and were all stolen from personal vehicles and residences after office hours.

      Begs the question “If these were so important, why were they allowed to leave the office?” In this case , I feel the fault lies with the Dept. of Human Services, as much if not more, than the thieves, because they are the ones that put them in harms way.

      And guess who foots the bill for replacing the laptops? Gaahrrrrr

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      wow seriously I carry my laptop with me whenever I go LOL can’t leave it in the dorm

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      Yes but you don’t have personal information including SSN’s for thousands of people.

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      i had to giggle when i saw this because i know i would pay someone to steal my lappie.. it’s caused so many problems i would have had less troubles with a desktop.

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Stolen laptop police database