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      I took old metal shelves and used wire fencing on the back. This served two purposes, kept my cats from using it as a thru way and cans falling down behind where I can’t reach. I used plastic wire ties to secure it.

      I use one set of shelves for cans and one for other things. I bought large containers with snap lock closed lids. I put my Pasta in one, Beans in one, Ramen noodles in one, snack and regular crackers in one, etc.

      For smaller stuff, I use plastic type shoe boxes. I label them and stack them on the shelves. They hold Brown sugar, confectioners sugar, chocolate (and other flavored) chips, marshmallows, etc.

      I use a Metal Trash can for large quantities, 50 to 100 lbs of flour.
      Would us them for grain if I had a flour mill.

      I store all my corn meal, rye flour, etc in one.

      I use a 5 gallon food safe bucket for the flour I use daily (with a lid).

      I freeze all my four before I store it.

      I bought bins to hold cereals, biscuit mix, other mixes I make, anything that I scoop. I use measuring cups for scoops if I normally use a set amount.

      I purchased this containers one or two at a time til I had enough. Unless they were on sale, then as many as I could afford.

      I have had no critter problems, neither mammals or insects. I live out in the country so we have all kinds of woodland critters. My cats do help a lot.

      This year we will be digging a fruit cellar. A whole new learning curve for us.

      We set up Square foot gardens. I can’t wait til the frost date is past and I can get the plants set out. Hoping for a good crop to eat fresh and store.

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      Good ideas. I would love to have a fruit cellar because I do lots of gardening and we are putting in our orchard this year.

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      We learn something new every day. I have never heard underground food storage referred to as a fruit cellar. Of course, I had never heard a grandmother called, “Mamaw” until I was 25.

      I have to get out more.

      Root/fruit cellars are easy. The temperature needs to be under 40 degrees or the fruit will begin to ripen. Dirt/gravel floors are best because they control humidity.

      A couple of pvc pipes for ventilation (one low for fresh air, the other high to vent), and we always had a double door to prevent large temp/humidity changes when we entered and exited.

      I don’t stockpile heavily. Usually I have around 6 months of dry goods available and plan for my canning to last 1 year. I can’t thank my Amish neighbor enough for the Certified organic heirloom tomatoes.

      They were seconds that would just go to the cattle so she asked me if I wanted any…do I want any? That is like asking a dog if they want a treat.

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      @HerbLady 250162 wrote:

      I can’t thank my Amish neighbor enough for the Certified organic heirloom tomatoes. They were seconds that would just go to the cattle so she asked me if I wanted any…do I want any? That is like asking a dog if they want a treat.

      oh my!!

      i so would’ve also!! i absolutely love those tomatoes! i planted a few this year, but the plants didn’t survive the summer.

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      I wish I lived in Amish country. I would actually pay to spend some time with them to learn how they do it all. I am also domestically challenged and need to hone my skills on just about everything.

      I cannot sew, knit, crochet, weave; I am fair at baking and cooking; I am good at cleaning, though. If I could come out of that experience with a good basic knowledge of how to make my own things….and their wild blueberry pie recipe…I would be in heaven…and up to my ears in pie. The sewing skills would be great because i would need to make myself a new wardrobe.

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      You are very organized, I would love to have this set up.

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      This is something I’ve started, right now I have 5 shelves set up in my basement. I use one for laundry supplies, one for personal supplies such as shampoo, shave cream for can goods, one for condiments and soups, one for drinks. I have them in my basement and plan on adding more.

      I never thought about freezing things before putting things in containers.

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      I always thought that you had to keep flour, rice, and such in the freezer all the time to avoid bugs. This is the second time recently that talks about just putting it in the freezer for a bit before storing elsewhere.
      Freezing it for say a couple of day, will really do the trick to avoid bugs?

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      I was recently told to freeze flour and such for two weeks before storing. That seems excessive to me, but what do I know?


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