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    In the Pantry:
    > Fleur de sel (Sea salt)
    > Herbes de Provence
    > Almonds
    > Capers
    > Dijon mustard
    > Croissants

    In the Fridge:
    > Salmon
    > Eggs
    > Puff pastry
    > Cream
    > Butter (unsalted)
    > Cheeses

    Fresh Produce:
    > Onions
    > Garlic
    > Leeks
    > Green beans
    > Mushrooms (white button, porcini)
    > Shallots

    Classic French Dishes:

    French Onion Soup: classic soup featuring a rich broth filled to the brim with golden brown onions, topped with a slice of toasted bread and gooey melted cheese.

    Potato-Leek Soup: a hearty and flavorful soup of potatoes and leeks, simply simmered with seasonings in either broth or water.

    Ratatouille: a popular Provencal dish of mixed vegetables that may include eggplant, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers or zucchini along with garlic and herbs.

    Potatoes Au Gratin: potatoes that are topped with a mixture of cheese or breadcrumbs and butter, then baked or broiled until brown and crispy.

    Caramelized Onion Tart: baked tart of caramelized onions nestled atop a crispy crust.

    Coq Au Vin: a traditional French dish of chicken, vegetables and herbs cooked together with red wine.

    Cassoulet: a slowly cooked casserole of white beans and various meats (such as sausages, pork and preserved duck or goose), which varies from region to region.

    Crème Brûlée: literally translated as “burnt cream”, this luscious dessert features a creamy custard beneath a brittle topping of caramelized sugar.

    Chocolate Mousse: a rich and airy dessert made with chocolate and whipped cream or beaten egg whites, often fortified with gelatin.

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    I have added recipes of all of the “Classic French Recipes” in the “General Recipes” section of the site. Enjoy!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Pantry Chat Stocking the French Kitchen (Must-Haves)