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      In the Pantry:
      > Jam/marmalade
      > Tea
      > Biscuits (cookies)
      > Scones and cakes (sponge)
      > Malt vinegar
      > Barley

      In the Fridge:
      > Sausage (including blood sausage, black pudding)
      > Herring
      > Fish (esp. haddock and cod)
      > Cream (Single, Double and Clotted cream)
      > Cheese (Cheddar, Stilton)
      > Chicken

      Fresh Produce:
      > Tomatoes
      > Mushrooms
      > Potatoes
      > Cauliflower
      > Cabbage
      > Parsnips

      Classic British Dishes:

      Scones: a sweet or savory quick bread made in various shapes, typically eaten for breakfast or tea.

      Fish and Chips: traditional British dish of deep-fried fish fillets (typically cod or haddock) and French fries, served salted and sprinkled with malt vinegar. .

      Roast: a piece of meat, usually cooked by the roasting method, that’s large enough to serve more than one person.

      Shepherd’s Pie: a casserole of cooked ground or diced meat (typically lamb or mutton) in gravy, topped with a layer of mashed potatoes and baked until hot and golden brown.

      Potatoes: versatile root vegetable – a British favorite.

      Trifle: refrigerated dessert consisting of sponge cake or ladyfingers sprinkled with spirits, covered with jam and custard, then topped with whipped cream and garnished with fruit, nuts or grated chocolate.

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      I have added recipes of all of the “Classic British Recipes” in the “General Recipes” section of the site. Enjoy! 🙂

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