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      My daughter has been working for one week today. Yeah! Anyway, they are having a christmas party this coming Thursday night.

      Can anyone give me some advice on what would be a good present? She works at our local drug store. I don’t have any suggestions as to what she should bring.

      They are having stingy santa. My daughter is 18 and some of the girls are younger than her, some a little older than her, then you have a few more mature ladies working there. I just don’t want her to bring an inappropriate gift and be embarrassed.

      She is a very quiet person and doesn’t know everyone there. Some of the girls are still in high school, some in college like my daughter, and then some are grandmothers. Any help from you all would be wonderful.

      Thank you all!! Have a great day!!!


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      Don’t know the budget but I always say you can’t go wrong with something from Bath & Body works or some sort of candles. HTH

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      I’m surprised they did not specify a spending limit for the gifts, but usually it is around $10 and should not go over $20. Being for all ladies, I agree that a candle or something similar in generic aroma, maybe holiday smell oriented, would be a safe bet. Sometimes you can find something with a nice container or stand in the price range.

      Box of note stationery, Christmas ornaments, might also work.

      You can also work towards something more in the comical theme. I would look first in the Hallmark stores and similar stores in a large Mall until something caught the eye.

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      You guys are the best!!! thank you all so much for replying. i am going to finish this and tell anna what you all passed to me.

      then she can take it from there and i’m sure she will make the right decision. thank you all again for your advice on this. honestly i went blank.

      lol have a great weekend all!!

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      I agree something like bath gel, or even the bath and body works antibacterial soap I think they were running a sell on those too.

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      Thank you so much for the suggestion Mdowdy. I told Anna what everyone has come up with. She said, “Moma, you’ve got the bag, and now I have some really good ideas.

      I think I know what I’m going to do.” This is also some really good ideas for me to as well. I’m an assistant teacher for first grade and the two ladies I work with always exchange.

      I’m really blessed to have such wonderful friends on here to help out with suggestions. Thank you all so much. We go back to work tomorrow.

      But we’ll be out in about three weeks for christmas. I’m so glad!! But I must admit, our first grade class is the BEST!!!

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      How did it go with the stingy santa gift??

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      Oh my goodness. I am so very sorry for not checking this before now. Her stingy santa gift went very well.

      She had a really good time that night. With all the wonderful advice that we received from here, we are going to keep it all in mind for next year’s stingy santa’s gift. LOL Actually I can’t wait until next years party.

      This time we will have her all fixed up. Have a blessed evening all!!


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      I would of made a basket with soaps, candles, hot cocoa mix and a little chocolate for a little “me” time basket. Glad she had a good time!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Stingy Santa Question