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      If there is a judgment against you where they take your tax refund already, yes they will. If it is your spouse who has the loan or child support, you need to file an injured spouse form with your return and then you will get your half (or whatever portion the IRS thinks you should get).

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      I hear if you have a school loan or child support the IRS will take your stimulus ck.

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      If you go to the IRS website there is a link that will tell you exactly when to expect your stimulus refund and a calculator so that you can figure the exact amount you will get. You must file taxes to get the refund. It is in addition to any state or federal return you may get and you can get one even if you don't get a return.

      I also found out that if your federal return was direct deposited that is how you will get your stimulus refund and if you got a check your stimulus refund will be a check. Direct deposit is faster than check and they go according to your social security number.

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      >Is the rebate part of the state income tax
      It's part of the federal income tax. If you filed a tax return, you
      should be in the system and will get one if you qualify. If you did
      not fill out a tax return, go get a 1040A, fill it out, write “For
      Tax Rebate” at the top if you don't normally file a tax return.

      Ann in Arkansas


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