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      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Our software was updated for calculating the stimulus around the
      middle of March. It is calculated by your income, and your taxes paid. I am not
      sure of the actual calculation, but if you feel comfortable, you can email me
      off list and I can check you return for you.

      All JH are connected together, so
      I can pull yoiur return and look at it for you if you wish.

      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Christina Coyle
      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
      11.0pt;color:#1F497D;”>Area Manager of Andrews and Manning, SC


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      I am new to the group, I am wondering, My husband is in Iraq and has
      been since 7-11-08. I work full time out of the house. We did our
      taxes threw Jackson Hewitt.

      The person who did out taxes statedwe
      would get 1200 for being married then 300 for each child (we have four) for a
      total of 2400. Well I just was on the site and we are going getting
      1500. They only gave us 600 for being married and only counted three

      Well I have looked and I gues my oldest does not count due to
      his age. He was 17 went we did our taxes. But I am confused about why we
      are not getting the 1200 for being married and only 600.

      If anyone could
      tell me why it would be greatly appreicated. Thank you MarDee

      Romans 8:28

      And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
      who have been called according to his purpose.

      — On Sun, 6/22/08, Christina Coyle <misskitty78@ftc-i.net> wrote:

      From: Christina Coyle

      Date: Sunday, June 22, 2008, 6:52 PM

      Where ever the child was on the return is where the money will go, so he will
      get the money for the children.

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