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      I haven’t really settled in here yet, life so often takes me away… I’ve spent two weeks in Buffalo with my mil (with no internet) helping her get the house back in order after the passing of my fil. plus, to not have her alone on her first mother’s day without him..

      i have to say, i will cherish those two weeks with her on my own. funny story about that – the first thanksgiving we spent there, i took it upon myself to go into the kitchen and do dishes while my husband and in-laws sat around the table with dh’s daughters. the family was somewhat estranged at the time – and being newly married i didn’t feel my presence would be productive in talking out hurts from years past. my sister in law came through and said “oh no, don’t do that – none of us are allowed to wash those dishes (mom’s wedding day china).

      by then i’m almost done. then momma walks through and says “someone should have told you…” i explained i was told, but already almost done.

      then i said “momma, i’m the oldest of three, been a single mom of three for over 10 years now – dishes is one thing I’ve got down pat. Get your drink, sit with your family, and when you’re done you can get some rest, this part will be done.” Well, she was getting new carpeting during my visit.

      One of the tasks was to empty and wipe down all the curio cabinets, the china cabinet, and wash all the contents. Yup, set myself up for that one, LOL.
      While I was there, my daughter also moved back home. She’s a whole new child after her 6 months living away.

      She’s 22 so I use the word “child” loosely – she’s forever my baby girl. She even called my Mom on Mother’s Day. Mom assumed I told/reminded her to.

      I didn’t. That made it even nicer 🙂
      When I got back, my youngest came home from 29 Palms to work for two weeks in the recruiters office before he starts his mos school. he also got married and now i have a dil 🙂
      this weekend there is work in the garden to be done, and we’re hoping to get around to building a pantry in the hall closet.

      wish me luck!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Still Here!