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      I figured a budget.
      It looked great.
      I had it under control.
      then the work week hit…I got off work late, I was exhausted(ever make 40 beds and clean 22 toilets in one 6 hour period lol),the baby was fussy, the teen was well a teen and those arches oh those glorious arches appeared. Mistake 1 lead to mistake 10. Now I am afraid (almost in tears at the idea)to look at the bank register…oh wait its still blank…ok the website.
      How do you stick to it no matter what?
      Keep in mind: I am a single mom of 2 with no support in this area of my life

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      Aw! Sweetie!
      You start as you did. And you just start again and again.

      Each time it will be easier to catch yourself when you start to make a mistake, but it’s okay. Just take a deep breath and try again. In a little while you’ll see patterns so you can find your weak spots- what you’re most likely to buy extra or, what time of day, what state of mind.

      And then you’ll be able to build on this information to avoid those pitfalls.
      But keep getting back on it. Every time you do it, you’re becoming stronger and teaching your kids perseverance by example.

      Good luck. You can do this.

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      Jennifer Green

      We have a budget in place as well.. It is written on my wall and stares me in the face every single day so that I have a constant reminder. lol I am the ‘no’ person in my house..

      and it honestly is so very hard. =( Keep your chin up, and start again. We all have to do it too at times, so know you aren’t alone.

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      I’m becoming better at sticking to the budget although it’s not easy. Don’t beat yourself up over going to a fast food restaurant for dinner. We just did that ourselves and even though it fed us I wasn’t too happy about spending the only money I had in my wallet.

      That could have been used for some groceries this week. Oh well that’s done. Now it’s time to buckle down.

      My husband doesn’t get a check this month (he’ll get it next month) so money is tight. I follow my menu plan and do not spend money on anything except utilities and mortgage. Just don’t get discouraged…following a budget and a frugal lifestyle is a journey.

      You can do it!

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      I was a single mom with three–just keep trying. I tried to think of crock pot meals so that I would not be tempted to go out when I was tired after working in the ER. Every time you try, you will notice it gets better and easier to follow.

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      Thanks! I think the part I need to work on is not letting it snowball on me…doubt thats the kind of snowballing the ramsey system talks about right? lol So I’m working on viewing each purchases separate just like dieting if I mess up breakfast I dont have to mess up lunch!

      I’m also going to go today and withdrawl cash and put in a coupon folder so I dont have to use my card therefore I can see my money! Thank you for making me feel better!

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