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      This one is for those of you who use Angel Food or can get the steak really cheap. If you can, this is a really cheap, quick meal. I don’t measure this one so you just have to go with your gut. It might be even less expensive if you use different rice.

      2 pieces steak
      Garlic Grapeseed Oil
      Chopped Onion
      Chopped Green Pepper
      Chopped Red Pepper
      Chopped Jalapeno Pepper
      1 bag Uncle Ben’s Boil In the Bag rice
      A1 steak sauce

      Put garlic grapeseed oil in skillet and heat. Mix chopped onion and peppers with steak while cooking. You will use this to cook the steak. You want to use just enough to coat the bottom of the pan and get the flavor into the steak.

      Put rice into pan and follow directions on the box.

      When steak and rice are done, pour rice onto plate, add steak, onions, and peppers on top of the rice, add a dash of A1.

      Nothing super special about it other than being quick, easy, inexpensive, and GOOD!


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